About Teton Rod

Everything we do is to further the sport of fly fishing.

We do this by creating beautifully hand-crafted fly rods, that aid in conservation, inclusion, and breaking down the barriers to entry.

American made fly rods

Why should you buy our rods? We don't want to solely be a fly rod company. We are building a company that strives to be an agent of conservation, inclusion, and breaks down the barriers to entry.

Fly fishing is quite possibly the greatest sport on earth and we believe everyone can benefit from the lessons you learn on the water. We will focus on this moving forward, and oh by the way, the rods aren't half bad either.  

Teton rods are manufactured and handcrafted in the United States.  

We would like to introduce you to our company mascot (pictured below). Her name will come as no surprise to you--it's Teton. She spends most of her time distracting us from building rods. She would appreciate it if you bought our products.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at info@tetonrod.com.