Lifetime Warranty

Warranty vs. repair?  Although we are very meticulous, there are instances when a manufacturing defect occurs with the rod.  Teton Rod withholds the sole right in determining if the issue with the rod is due to a manufacturing defect.  If it is determined to be a manufacturer defect, Teton Rod will refund the cost to repair the rod.  You will only be responsible for shipping costs.  If the damage is determined to be anything other than a manufacturing defect there will be a warranty repair fee.  

We understand breaks happen.  Our goal is to get you back on the water as soon as possible with your Teton Rod in hand.  From fighting a Redfish on the first day of a trip to getting a rod caught in a ceiling fan.  A broken rod can ruin any day.  We have all been there.  

We want to make sure the warranty process is as quick and painless as possible.  The typical turnaround time is approximately 2 weeks from the time we receive your rod, depending on the extent of the repair.

Please follow the steps below to ensure a quick turnaround.  

Step 1:  Print and fill out this form: Teton Warranty Form

Step 2: Click here to pay the warranty fee. (Make sure to select the correct rod, weight, and damaged section)

Step 3: Ship the entire rod to the address at the bottom of the form.  Make sure the Teton Warranty Form is included in the package. 

Step 4: We work our magic.  

Things You Should Know

We want to reiterate, in order to repair the rod we need to have the entire rod.  Failure to do so will result in a delayed repair process. 

If the damaged rod is determined to be due to a manufacturing defect and is  beyond repair, we will replace it with the same or an equal rod in our catalog. 

If you have any questions regarding your warranty repair or the process, please email: or call us at 765-210-3965.

The cost of a missing rod section is $150.